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At Games For All Reasons LLC, we give you a reason to play! Our goal is to create quality games that entertain and enlighten while promoting positive social interaction for ALL ages. We like to describe our games as "generational".

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Finish Lines®
In August of 1998, we premiered the award-winning board game, Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines". Created by our company President, Joan ("Joanie") Moravick, Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines" challenges players to complete popular phrases from life to literature, from TV to tunes and from proverbs to the Presidents. From the timeless lyrics of a Broadway show tune, to an ageless nursery rhyme, Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines" appeals to a broad range of ages and generations. As one customer stated, "it’s like a game you played all your life but just discovered."

Games Magazine Top 100 Games of 1999 AwardChosen as one of the Top 10 Games of the Year by the Chicago Tribune and already heralded as one of the Top 100 Games by GAMES Magazine, Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines" has quickly become the game of choice at family gatherings and social get-togethers. Mensa Select Award This year, the game was honored by American Mensa Ltd. with a Mensa Select® Award for being one of the country’s Top "Mind Games" for 2000. Most recently, Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines" was named one of the year’s Best Vacation Products by Dr. Toy, a nationally renowned expert in educational children’s toys and games.

New for 2000 is, Paired Up® - the fast and furious game of commonly coupled-up people, places and things. From Dick and Jane to show and tell, and from Abbott and Costello to salt and pepper – just think of how many things go together in our everyday lives! Two players get "Paired Up®" prior to each round and players try to get their partners to name the four pairs listed on the game cards. Sound easy? But you’d better be fast and furious, because it’s an out-and-out race against time!! We guarantee that this is one game that won’t leave you high and dry for excitement!

At Games For All Reasons, LLC, we continue to work hard to bring you quality products. Currently, we are putting the "finishing" touches on an additional set of Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines" game cards. With 500 new quotes and phrases, this second edition (which can be purchased separately) will enable players to continue to enjoy the fun and challenge of our award-winning game! The card set will be available this summer and can be purchased through our web site.

If you would like to be added to our Finish Lines® "where players compete to finish famous lines" Card Set #2 mailing list, please send us an e-mail with your name and address to:

and we will notify you as soon as they are available.

Finally, we are also busy developing a Junior version of Paired Up® (for ages 7 and up), as well as a "grow-along" developmental game for pre-schoolers (ages three to six). We are excited about our expanding product line and we are always glad to give our customers a reason to play!

If you have any questions about our products, or about our growing company, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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