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One-Two PunchTM

One Two Punch game board and pieces The one and only, beat ‘em to the punch, by-the-numbers game!

From Fifth Avenue to Three Mile Island, and from eight track tapes to Love Potion #9, ONE-TWO PUNCH TM is the by-the-numbers game that has players zeroing-in to win.

Guess the answer on the clue card that contains a number, and you’ll be on cloud nine as you gain control of the Score Dice and win tiles.

But hold on to your four-leaf clover, because your opponent could throw a ONE-TWO PUNCHTM and steal your tiles.

Be the first player to match each number on your winning combination card with tiles and you’re the one-and-only winner!

So gather a party of five and dress to the nines, ONE-TWO PUNCHTM is the game that gives you the whole nine yards of fun!

WARNING: The use of four letter words while playing ONE-TWO PUNCHTM is strongly discouraged!

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