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Fame & Fortune Expansion set
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Paired Up® - the fast & furious party game!
Paired Up®, our newest board game
New Fame & Fortune Card Set Here’s your chance to “mix and mingle” with the “rich and famous” as you continue the “fast and furious” pace of the award-winning party game, Paired Up®.

Fame & FortuneTM introduces you to nearly 500 all new dynamic duos and commonly coupled-up expressions. So put on your “top hat and tails” but forget the “dinner and dancing”, you’ve just discovered Fame & Fortune!

HOW TO PLAY: Players follow the same rules for Paired Up. After calculating the score for the round, each player adds two (2) bonus points for each highlighted (red) pair that is named correctly in that round.

The couples in Fame & Fortune are just for “fun and games.” None of them endorse our game or have any connection with it, aside from being “rich and famous” enough to be included!

Winner - Games  100 honorPaired Up® is a winner of GAMES Magazine Top 100 and Chicago Tribune's Top 10 game of the year.
QUICK! Get your partner to name these four commonly coupled-up people, places and things!

Abbott and Costello
salt and pepper
front and center
Jack and Jill

Toy Tips TrustedSound easy? But you'd better be fast and furious because
you're in an
out-and-out race against time!

Guess the pairs before time runs out and score points.
Be the player with the highest score at the end of the game and you're the winner,
fair and square!

So gather every guy and gal you know and serve up the chips and dip.

This is one game that won't leave you high and dry for excitement!

Get Great Board Game - Paired Up® today!

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