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QUICK! It's Paired Up® Jr.

Fun for Kids!
Fun for Kids
Winner 100 best Children's Products Name the popular pair who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

Right! Jack and Jill.

Now name the "Paired Up®" parts of the American flag.

Right again! Stars and Stripes.

Parents' Choice Approved Get the idea? But hurry! You have to be fast and furious because you're in an out-and-out race against the clock.

Guess a pair correctly and win a chip.

Be the first player to cover a row on your game board with chips and you're the winner, fair and square!!

So gather all of your friends and neighbors, and serve up the cookies and milk - it's all fun and games when you play Paired Up® JuniorTM!!!

A Note to Moms and Dads and Education Professionals:

Paired Up® Junior Paired Up® JuniorTM is a fast-moving game that promotes cooperative play, and encourages thinking and self-expression. Players get randomly "Paired Up®" with other players and take turns acting out or describing the pairs on the game cards, using their own words or actions.

Paired Up® JuniorTM contains 320 kid-sized pairs listed on 80 game cards. The game is generally played with 3 to 6 players, but can be easily modified for two players or teams.

For ages 7 and up.

©2006 Games For All Reasons, LLC. Paired Up® JuniorTM is a trademark of Games For All Reasons, LLC

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